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Imagine you’re on your death bed, your family all surrounding you. You close your eyes as you drift off into the abyss that is what comes, and feel as if you’re walking down a tunnel toward a light. The closer you get to the light, you see an outline, which soon becomes clear that it is your favorite character, smiling brightly at you. They then say, “I’m ready to take you on your next great adventure. Are you ready?”


Anonymous asked:

You're one of the best Tenten roleplayers. I don't see why you don't get a lot of RP? I bet it's because they're intimidated. You really get into you characters really well. I love that about you.

AAAAAHHHHHHH!!! I’m so sorry! I was gone for so long and i come back to this! I love you! Am i still pretty?

Im not dead

I want to apologize to everyone. I’m so ashamed. I haven’t been on the entire summer because I went to a county where electricity is limited and since I moved i had to register in a new school and i have to reorganize my clothes. IT”S NO EXCUSE!! I’M SORRY EVERYONE


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